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Pits & Peaks: Sunday 10th September



Drake is coming to NZ – in a pretty hasty announcement with only two months out till the show, Drake is coming back to NZ. This white girl, with a severe lack of rhythm, is beyond excited. I’ve already booked my flights and accommodation so fingers crossed I can actually get a ticket now..

New project ­– I have a super excited project I worked on launching tomorrow! I considered holding off posting this week’s Peaks & Pits until I could actually tell you what it is, but considering this is the first week I’m not frantically writing this post at 8pm on Sunday you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. #clickbait.

2018 Stationary –  I'm slowly working away at some 2018 calendars (+ potentially other stationary). I'd love to know if anyone had anything they were specifically after illustration wise, or what they'd love to see in a calendar. 


IT the movie – the actual movie was great, and the child actors were incredible (a+ job to the girl playing Beverly) so a definite peak in terms of that. However every time I see a ‘scary’ film I conveniently forget how much of a wuss I really am, and how much my sleep is disrupted after. So hello new fear of clowns.

Uni – as some of you may know I went back to uni earlier this year to study post grad design. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love what I’m studying but I am just so over it. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where my ongoing freelance work is pretty much taking over any free time and so working on hypothetical projects for uni just seems a bit pointless. The next six weeks cannot come quick enough.

Create or Credit – I was never on Instagram when Catherine from Life, Styled launched her initiative Create or Credit but boy am I on the bandwagon now. I’m very thankful that people are liking my work but it is so disheartening to have accounts post my work with no credit, or try and pass it off as their own. I know this is part of the risk that creatives take when putting your work online and it literally makes me want to watermark all my work. If anyone else is interested in the grey area that social media creates with crediting and reposting let me know in the comments; I’d be super keen to do a bit of research and maybe dedicate a few blogposts to it.


Yikes so this week certainly feels more Pit heavy. Let me know what you’ve been up to this week, as my life is definitely not interesting enough to be constantly updating so I’d be excited to hear everyone else’s exciting happenings.

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