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Mornings with Monu


Earlier this month I was sent a range of skincare products from the lovely people at Monu Skincare in the UK. I was a little apprehensive about changing my skincare regime as I never know how my skin is going to react and I also knew I wasn’t going to say good things about a brand unless it truly worked. Luckily the team at Monu were convinced I would love the products regardless and so to really see if the products worked I stopped using my regular products and switched to Monu. It’s now been a month so here are my thoughts:

I’ll preface this by saying my skin sits somewhere on the combination/oily range and so my major skin issues are preventing breakouts and reducing the shine!


Clarifying Cleanser for Oily Skin:
This cleanser is more of a cream based texture than a gel which I’m a fan of. Not going to lie after the first week I was convinced there wasn’t anything super special about this cleanser, my skin didn’t seem any better albeit a bit softer. However, by week 2 I noticed I had no new breakouts and generally my skin was a whole lot smoother. Whether this came down to the cleanser alone I’m not entirely sure, but it does feel super soft and natural on your skin which I’m a big fan of. When I want a lighter cleanser for those low makeup days I’ll be using this.

Active Toner for Combination Skin:
This was by far my favourite product of the range, and one I’m definitely going to add into my everyday routine from now on. This toner comes in a big spray bottle which is a refreshing change to the tiny toners being sold elsewhere. Being natural the toner didn’t feel abrasive on my skin, which I’ve found with past toners, and it felt like it was working. My skin was noticeably more even and less red. A+ Monu.

Skin Perfector for Combination Skin:
Essentially a primer this is intended to be used before makeup to smooth your skin. I absolutely love it when makeup and skincare brands use buzz words and slogans, like with Monu’s “instant blur technology”. All I can imagine is that when I use it my face will turn into one big pixel. Joking aside I did notice that my skin appeared smoother and I was less oily by the end of the day. I’m not a big makeup wearer, usually sticking to a light BB cream, so this might be a better product for someone using a foundation regularly. That being said it was a lot lighter and felt way less silicon(y) than products I’ve used in the past. I’ll be keeping this one in my makeup bag to use when I do want to get all dolled up.

Warming Aromatic Mask for Combination Skin:
When you put this mask on it actually warms up! I love, love, love that, particularly with these cold Wellington days (side note: it’s meant to be spring, Mother Nature sort your sh*t out). It doesn’t dry out like a traditional mask which was a bit strange. My skin felt instantly softer after using it but besides from that I’m not sure it was much of a game changer. Definitely one to use in Winter, but I’ll probably stick to a sheet mask for Summer months.


Overall the Monu Skin range was really good! It’s a very natural brand that doesn’t test on animals which I always look for. I’ll be adding a couple of items into my everyday routine, and keeping the others as backups. Definitely check out their range:

This blog post was not sponsored by Monu Skin and all thoughts and feelings are my own.