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As a twenty-something navigating life during a notoriously difficult decade, Bon is sharing her thoughts on beauty, art, fashion and life in general.

Pits and Peaks: Sunday 4th September



NZFW. What a week! I spent my days living vicariously through my fellow NZ bloggers and their IGs. The talent coming out of New Zealand always blows me away. If you haven’t checked out some of my NZFW inspired sketches head on over to the gram now. Highlights for me included Kate Sylvester, Rachel Mills and Tia Feng.

Melbourne + MBFW. I spent an extended weekend exploring, shopping and consuming far too much caffeine around Melbourne. While on my NZFW buzz, I dropped into MBFW. It’s always good to see how the aussies do things, and in my bias opinion little ol’ NZ is definitely holding its own.

Dior Exhibition. I wonder what is says about me if all this week’s peaks revolved around fashion? When I booked my flights to Melbourne I had no idea the weekend coincided with The House of Dior, 70 years of Dior, exhibition at NGV, but boy am I glad it did. Seeing the craftsmanship up close was absolutely insane. Someone buy me some Dior asap.
If you’re in Melbourne or visiting anytime before November you have to check it out.



Airports. I love travel but hate airports so the struggle is very real. The day I can afford to jump into Kora lounge is the day maybe it’ll be a little less shitty.

Rude people. PSA rant here: Okay so, when I was at the Dior exhibition I was patiently queuing up to buy a sketchbook, (side note: check my gram for the cutest sketchbook ever) when this middle-aged man barged past me, jumping the line and harassing the shop attendant to buy his own memorabilia.  I get it Dior waits for no man, but no one is in that much of a hurry. In the words of Elsa I’m going to let it go.

Attempting to blog more. Juggling work, study and everything else is ever ongoing. I promise I’ll get better, or maybe just complain less?

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