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As a twenty-something navigating life during a notoriously difficult decade, Bon is sharing her thoughts on beauty, art, fashion and life in general.

Pits & Peaks: Sunday 17th September



Some of my prints may very well be stocked at a local store in Welly soon. Hush hush for now.

My cups are out!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about then clearly you haven’t been following my Instagram so I really don’t know how you made it onto this blog. Anyway, my collaboration with Innocent Packaging is out in the world, and hopefully making some coffee drinkers around the country a little bit happier.

NZ girls. I started a new page on my website call The Moodboard which is basically a curation of some of the things I want to buy but can’t currently afford. When I started putting this together I realised how quite a few items were created, designed, made, thought up by or however else you want to put it, by Kiwi women. I’m super inspired by the success of our wahine are achieving on a global scale.



That niggly feeling you get when you get when you’re worried you’re not doing enough. Not fulfilling my potential is seriously one of my biggest fears, which if we’re being completely honest is a load of shit to begin with. I don’t know what sort of potential I think I have but I highly doubt I’m going to develop super powers or cure cancer anytime soon. I think it stems from taking a non-conventional career path and the fear it could all implode at any moment. I feel like I’m digressing and this could definitely be an entire blogpost on it’s own. Stay tuned kiddos.

My phone is slowly dying. Which means I’ve just forked out for a new one, although not an Iphone X or 8 because I am not about that hype. Why are phones so pricey. Bring back the Nokia 3310 (yes I’m aware they have, but how do I make my point otherwise).  

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