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Innocent Packaging x Studio Bon

8oz cup.png

I’m going to preface this blogpost by saying I drink a lot of coffee. Like a lot, a lot. My coffee addiction no doubt started back in architecture school when three cups a day, no doze and the odd energy drink was the norm to get through deadlines. Bad bad idea kiddos. Luckily, for my health and wallet alike, my caffeine addiction has significantly reduced but I do love the treat of a takeaway coffee every so often.

What’s not so nice is the insane amount of waste that coffee drinkers create, yes I’m looking at you Wellington, just to get their fix. Luckily there’s some pretty cool companies targeting these issues and one of the ways you can get your fix without hurting our environment is by using compostable eco-friendly cups.

Earlier this year Innocent Packaging, a company producing said cool bio degradable packaging, contacted me through Instagram about a collaboration. I quite obviously agreed, otherwise this blogpost would be completely void..

So here are some of the steps I took to come up with my final design:

Product research

For me this meant heading along to my fav café, Tomboy, who already stocked Innocent cups and testing them out. (Basically, I justified buying a whole lot more coffee as a work expense).

Know what you don’t want

I knew I didn’t want to create a continuous pattern across the cups but instead create a design that had a slightly different look from every angle. I knew I didn’t want the cups to reference coffee at all. 

Know what you do want

I did want the cups to be bright and vibrant, but mostly inspired by the colours I use most often (pinks and pastels). I wanted the cups to reference plants and flowers because I figured it would be a playful take on the fact that they’re even made from plants. I knew I wanted it to be gram worthy because I am in fact a millennial and obviously spend all my time of social media… whilst I drink coffee, eat avo on toast and complain about the housing crisis.

Drink more coffee, maybe get cake too.

Because why not?

Actually start sketching

By this point I’d probably procrastinated long enough and it was time to crack on. My general process is to throw any and all ideas onto paper and see what works and what doesn’t. 

Digitally refine

I then took the best sketches into good old illustrator, made them into vectors and started playing with a few different colour schemes.

Bug friends and family

Like the lovely person I am I then harass those nearest and dearest to me about what colour scheme or variation they like best. Usually taking on board their feedback, or completely ignoring it and going with what I think is best.

 Send to the client and hope for the best

The Innocent Packaging team were a dream to work with, providing me complete creative freedom and the final designs went down a treat!

These cups will be stocked at various cafes around the country, and if you think your local café should get them too just let them know! They’re available to order through Innocent Packaging.

If you see them around I’d love to know, so dm me, tag me, flick me an email, comment here or send me a fax ;)

Also if you liked this more design based chat I'd love to know, it might even motivate me to create more posts about my work and process.




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