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As a twenty-something navigating life during a notoriously difficult decade, Bon is sharing her thoughts on beauty, art, fashion and life in general.

Pits and Peaks: Sunday 20th August



I caught up with some of my childhood best friends who I haven’t seen in 6 years and literally nothing has changed. We’re all the same weird nerds that we were at 16, although with a lot more student loan debt and better dress sense. Twenty-two is such a weird age, we’re all figuring out what we want from life, who we want to be and how to cook something other than pasta. I literally had an in-depth convo about NZ politics with one of my friends, granted we were a bottle of wine and a few cocktails deep at this point, but I think I must officially be adulting?

I finally launched my online print store. Overwhelmed with the support, feedback and love from y’all. It’s terrifying to put your work out there for the world to view, and judge, and I’m super warm and fuzzy inside with all the support I’ve received.

NZFW. Only 8 days till fashion week. Very excited is an understatement. I’m hoping to sketch a look a day during the week. Wish me luck.



The “too busy” excuse. I absolutely thrive on being busy and the thrill of getting a shit tonne of work done in a tight timeframe, yes, my life really is that exciting. However, when client work and personal work begin to pile up I pull out the too busy excuse left right and centre. As I’m sure you’ve realised this blog starts to suffer. I’m slowly hoping to become more consistent on the ole’ blog and have a few ideas up my sleeve. Now I just need to get them onto paper…

International shipping. I genuinely thought that the outrageous shipping costs from anywhere to NZ were part of some elaborate underground postal scam. Boy was I wrong. Shipping from NZ to literally anywhere else in the world is hella expensive. Apologies to anyone overseas who’s wanting to buy a print and has to pay the outrageous cost just to get it to you. But stay tuned for an international print giveaway gram fam.

I went to the gym only once this week. Yikes. Refer to Pit 1 for my lazy excuse.