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As a twenty-something navigating life during a notoriously difficult decade, Bon is sharing her thoughts on beauty, art, fashion and life in general.

Pits & Peaks: Sunday 30th July



Joining a gym again. Not going to lie this could totally be a Pit too because you know exercise.. However, it feels good to finally get my ass back into gear.  Wish me luck.

Deadly Ponies x My Little Pony. The collaboration of my childhood dreams. I love a good throwback but I am so pleased that Deadly Ponies have executed it to their high standard.

Instagram. Is it weird to be writing about a social media platform being a positive of my week? Probably. Oh well. I only really began dedicating time to sharing my work online in the last two months and I’m really overwhelmed with the response I’ve been getting. I love being able to connect with other creatives all over the world and I’m very excited to release my online print store in the next week or so (fingers crossed).


Forgetting I was supposed to write this blogpost until 6.30pm today. Yikes.

Stomach bugs (also I swear I’m not constantly sick).


I hope reading about my week was vaguely interesting. Let me know what you’ve been up to this week so I can live vicariously through more interesting people.