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As a twenty-something navigating life during a notoriously difficult decade, Bon is sharing her thoughts on beauty, art, fashion and life in general.

Pits & Peaks : Sunday 23rd July


I’ve been a massive fan of Katherine Lowe’s blog for years, and more recently her collaborative blog Rally. And as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (laziness?) this is very obviously inspired by Katherine’s weekly Highs and Low(e)s without anywhere near the same level of charisma or quality banter. My last name also doesn’t lend itself to a punchy blog title nearly as well. I was thinking Ups & Downs, but Ups & Browns, but that just made me think of what a shitty B&B would name their big breakfast..

Moving on...

This weekly Peaks & Pits actually covers the last two weeks, like the true procrastinator that I am. I wrote half of this post last week and then proceeded to get the flu and not leave my bed.

Side note: happy 20th birthday to my gorgeous sister Trudy. An inspiring chef and photographer (taking those food grams next level) I’m very excited to see all that see becomes. Shameless sister promo, follow her at @nodalia

Peaks & Pits: Sunday 23rd July


Family Trips – it’s not till I’m back with my family that I realise just how much I miss them. I spent a week in Nelson, Hanmer and Christchurch with the fam and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have a family that supports me unconditionally.  For real. The first time I failed an assignment my mum celebrated, letting me know you have to keep on failing in order to succeed, if that’s not some Easy A style parenting I don’t know what is.

Hard work paying off – without sounding too conceited I’m low-key proud of myself. The time and energy I’ve been putting into my illustration and design work is paying off and I have some crazy exciting opportunities coming up this year (cannot wait to tell you all about them).

Finally getting a haircut I don’t regret – I’m very untrusting of hairdressers. Key reason being asking for one thing and getting something completely different. Long boring story short, I got my haircut and it looks normal. Yay.

Cheap flights – just booked return flights to Melbourne for cheaper than travelling to most places in my own country. (ps. Let me know the best places for coffee and shopping in Melbourne).


Family trips – there is something about being back with your family that automatically turns you back into your teenage self. Fun. I literally had an argument with my sister about redbull and curry, aren’t siblings the best?

The Flu – enough said.


I hope reading about my week was vaguely interesting. Let me know what you’ve been up to this week so I can live vicariously through more interesting people.