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My lovely mother read all the books at her local library by the time she was 7. Was her library just tiny or was she a real-life Matilda? Who knows. What I do know is that I absolutely loathed reading when I was a wee lass, and the thought of reading a book with no pictures seemed like genuine torture. Fast forward a few years and the reading bug has finally caught on, hence the birth of Bon’s book club. I’m going to sporadically ramble on about a few books I find interesting, and hopefully you’ll also find them interesting too or at least let me know if I have shite taste in literature.

I follow a lot of bloggers who seem to have a tonne of cash each week to spend on new books. This is certainly not the case for me. Support your local library (spoken very much like the daughter of the librarian I am) and get your books out from there. Also, if you deceptively arrange your books you can cover the barcodes and branding and get a picture for the gram that makes it look like you’ve just dropped a few hundred on literature #socialmediaisnotreallife.


Almost Adulting – Arden Rose

Now this wouldn’t be my first book club without mentioning my fav vlogger, blogger and all round girl you want in your gang. To be completely honest I was a little apprehensive about this book initially. It would appear that every second youtuber now has a book deal, and what does a twenty-something with over a million subscribers really know about adulting. However I was pleasantly surprised.  Witty yet insightful Arden is the cool older sister you wish you had growing up. With words of wisdom surrounding mean girls, relationships, sex and much, much more.  

I would highly recommend this to your younger sisters, friends, daughter or anyone in their twenty-something years who needs validation that having unpaid parking tickets still makes you a “real adult”.


When Breath Become Air – Paul Kalanithi

Since I put this book down I’ve pretty much recommended it to anyone I’ve encountered. However, be prepared to shed a few tears, or if you’re like me go through a whole box of tissues. This true story follows the Author’s battle with incurable lung cancer. As a neurosurgeon himself Kalanithi’s memoir follows his transition from doctor to patient. Without giving too much away ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ is an eloquently written and immensely emotional journey that leads you to be thankful for your life and all the moments we get to enjoy. 


The Mothers – Brit Bennet

I finished this book in two days because I could not put it down. The first book for Brit Bennet The Mothers is a turbulent work of fiction following the life of Nadia Turner as she comes to terms with her mother’s suicide. Dating a pastor’s son, Nadia falls pregnant at 17 but determined not to let her life be derailed she gets an abortion. Nadia’s story is framed through the voice of “the mothers,” the gossipy elder woman of her hometown church who act as a moral compass of sorts. The Mothers is a story about family, friendship, race and human nature.


Inside Vogue – Diary of my 100th year – Alexandra Shulman
If you’re anything like me the word Vogue holds an illustrious air to it. Inside Vogue gives a rare insight into the world of the fashion elite, think Devil Wears Prada with but decidedly more British. The book follows the (now ex) Editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman’s, personal diary throughout the year leading up to the centennial issue. Schulman’s wry, subtle commentary illustrates glimpses of a real person. The book is full of her own insecurities regarding parties, travel and fashion itself. Weaving partying with Eddie Redmayne and Alexa Chung, alongside a burst water boiler, Schulman’s diary entries show an honest, chaotic insight to what it means to be the editor of Vogue. A must read for anyone interested in the fashion and editorial world.


If you know of any books I should read let me know in the comments!